Men’s Health and Wellness

Men and women share some commonalities – we are after all human beings and, therefore, we can experience common issues, concerns and conditions from depression, self-image, lack of motivation, to experiencing headaches, sleep disorders and a laundry list of other symptoms or conditions. But, the difference is how we understand and approach these challenges and conflicts and seek acceptance and resolution.  Men’s health and wellness coaching offers the opportunity to understand personal causes of symptoms and implement a plan/care that is specific to the male population.  Coaching addresses:

  • past (traumatic) experiences the individual has suppressed as a result of societal pressure or perception
  • current life stressors
  • understanding the symptoms and levels of depression
  • identifying and coping with anxiety
  • physical and emotional changes that occur through the life-span
  • health issues/concerns
  • self-image
  • actual self versus mental image
  • relationships
  • mood changes
  • loss