Grief, Loss & Bereavement

At some point during our life-span we will all face a personal loss — be it loss of a spouse, partner, parent, child, pet or friend.   But we can also experience loss of a relationship, job, home, independence or health.

Grief is is what we experience as a result of a loss.  It affects our mind, body and spirit, causing us sadness, confusion, anger, discord…

Bereavement is a term that we use primarily when a loss is due to a death of a loved one – including our pets.

Grief, loss and bereavement are very much a part of the life-span process and can be disorienting and distressing, causing not only changes to our lives, but often a disruption in our thoughts, actions and feelings.  Grief is personal and individualized.  It is a very normal process and response to any type of loss.  Each person will experience and express grief in their own personal and unique way.  Coaching can help with the understanding, acceptance and resolution of any loss and assist with the changes that will occur and to help the individual with the healing process.

Pet loss affects everyone at every stage of life.  A strong bond is shared with our pets and therefore it is natural to feel grief and sadness from the loss of a beloved pet.  Often, others may not share that bond or understand the depth of our connections and feelings with our pet and that can add to our sense of grief and sadness.

Pet loss and resolution coaching can help individuals cope with this specific loss and assist with the process of healing. Pet loss can often be more complicated than the loss of a friend or family member and too often less understood or accepted.  The more significance one’s pet played in one’s life, the more difficulty one may experience in their grief.  Often individuals may feel guilt, anger and resentment as they come to terms with their loss, making the process of grief harder. For instance  individuals may not have been able to continue care for their beloved due to the nature of the condition or due to the expense of prolonged treatment which may intensify their thoughts and feelings of shame and guilt.  For some individuals, their pets become a replacement for family or they may have reached a life-stage where they live alone and family no longer exists, therefore their pet has become their sole sense of existence.

Pet loss coaching can help an individual understand their own needs and sense of acceptance and not feel pressured by others to “get over it” or to “move on” because it was “just a pet”.  Those experiencing pet loss will experiences the same stages of grief as they would with the loss of a family member or friend.  Grief and sadness will gradually become shorter and less intense, but even years after the loss a familiar sight, sound, smell or special occasion will awaken memories that may trigger a resurgence of their initial loss and grief.  Coaching can help the individual express their thoughts and feelings in a safe, empathetic and understanding environment, where they can allow themselves to grieve without the pressure to suppress or ignore their deep emotions.