Gender Spectrum

Gender has been defined as being male or female.  However, gender can be considered fluid or on a spectrum of maleness to femaleness or, how one identifies, understands and accepts their sense of self.

Current vocabulary uses the term transgender to identify individuals who live outside of their birth gender.  Many individuals also define themselves as being in transition.  My belief is that the process to align the physical body with the internal sense of self is a development rather than a transition.  By offering guidance, assistance and coaching to understand, identify, accept and resolve conflict (internal and external), I help prepare individuals for the changes they want and need for a life that is congruent with their thoughts and feelings.

Gender spectrum coaching assists individuals (and their families) first with exploring the individual’s personal needs regarding their development including:

  • how issues and stressors impact your life as well as your significant others
  • how to effectively identify, understand and deal with issues, concerns and worries
  • assistance with facilitating the development (transition) process –
    • disclosing/sharing self-identity with family members, employers, etc.
    • referrals to medical practitioners
    • assessment and letters required for hormone therapy and/or surgery

Coaching offers the individual a greater sense of wholeness and congruency through their self-actualization process.