Life-span Development

As we chronologically age, we experience many changes in our life and too often these changes can cause confusion, discord, anxiety, stress…

Life-span development is a time of emotional, spiritual and physical change.  It can also be an opportunity to step back and evaluate current thoughts, feelings and behaviors in response to life events.

Coaching offers individuals an opportunity to gain a better understanding of self and others while developing a personal sense of acceptance and appreciation for their life events/experiences and the ability to resolve past challenges and conflicts.  With coaching and guidance, not only will individuals be able to plan for their future, but also live life productively now in the present.  The strategy and goal for life-span development is to strengthen or re-ignite independence and control by focusing on:

  • self-identity
  • self-confidence
  • self-concept
  • self-esteem

Life-span development is continuous emotional, spiritual and physiological growth and change. Coaching prepares and assists individuals with life changes utilizing a mindfulness approach (acceptance and commitment).