Good Day Everyone!

Yes, it’s been a while since I decided to start blogging!  Not that there hasn’t been things to share… it’s a time thing 😉

That being said – I stopped everything this morning to post this new information from one of my resources out of Oxford University (for those that know me, you know I’m a huge follower and fan of the Oxford Textbook and the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual).

The study was from a very large (more than just 100 people) group of over 80,000 participants hosting several autoimmune diseases and the result — a link, not a possibility, but a link to dementia (most especially vascular dementia).  Wonder when we will see this release of very important health information here in the United States in the news and other forms of media?

This information is so important if you also have a family history of cognitive disorders, autoimmune disorders and of course dementia and the big A (yes you can have dementia AND Alzheimer’s).

So, we may not be able to avoid developing either dementia or Alzheimers, but we can certainly do our best to delay or possibly prevent for ourselves (studies are still inconclusive on the whole preventing notion) what may be present in our immediate family.

How?  Glad you asked 😉 Well, with food of course.  That’s the best and most natural way to get the nutrients our body and brain needs AND to act as a constant around the clock anti-inflammatory without the icky effects of NSAIDs or other prescription medication.

Wait, am I hearing everyone ask what food so that you can prepare your shopping list.  Okay, get your pen ready (or tablet or phone) and begin to jot these items down.  If interested in the how or why these specific foods… well email me and we can have a further more detailed conversation.

But, for now here are the foods:

clams.  Really, clams?  Yes, they top the list for the highest levels of B-12

other shellfish, livers (beef if possible)


green veggies



wild salmon

other oily fish (sardines, mackerel)

dark chocolate (70% is best, but anything higher than 60% cacao)

red wine (or for those who can not consume alcohol, resveratrol supplement)

colorful fruits, veggies and herbs (darker the better)


berries (most especially cherries) — these act in the same manner that NSAIDs do without damage to your tummy

tumeric (a kicky spice often found in Indian foods)


green tea

apples (remember the old saying of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” Grandma wasn’t half-kidding!)

capers (yum – they are such a great condiment in so many dishes and salads)

I’m really beginning to question how these diseases are popping up more and more in everyone’s lives these days.  Yes, we have the technology and lab resources to detect these conditions more than ever before — but they’ve always existed, right?  We’ve had family members that are still walking this rock with us that have these conditions?  My question is why so rampant today? I believe its due to food and nutrition or the lack thereof —  that’s why!

We are a very quick and ready to go society which means for most individuals something’s got to give and that something is food.  Food you prepare yourself rather than fast food, processed pre-packaged or frozen food with chemicals (or food like items) in place of nutrients

Are we really in that much of a rush that we can’t take some time out of our schedule to hit a market, go home and make a meal or two. We seem to find time to text, check every social media source, group or blog that exists, in that same amount of time we are fulfilling our narcissistic needs, we could be fulfilling our nutritional needs.   That rush that we seem to always be in will ultimately take its toll on our health (physical, emotional AND psychological).

So – next time you say you can’t make a sandwich, you can’t roast a chicken in a slow cooker, STOP and ask yourself if you can’t prevent a health issue because the answer is: you CAN!

You just need to want to and to like yourself enough to do something for YOU that in the long run can mean a difference for someone you love 🙂

Now, go get some exercise and hit that food market — walk around and gather these goodies, fill your pantry today and your tummy tomorrow.

Until next time…

Peace and wellness always!






Welcome Blog

by Patricia Romano, M.A. on January 14, 2017

Welcome to my very first blog!

I’m not new to reading other blogs, but I am new to writing and posting my own blog so be patient with me as there may be some hiccups as I get more comfortable and begin to to post frequently.

I have some interesting topics that I’d like to share – from cooking to coaching and everything in between 🙂

I hope that you will check back often to see what I’ve recently learned, read and found interesting and that I’d like to share and pass along to you.

Blog you later…