Privacy in coaching offers an individual a place to share and disclose information in a comfortable, non judgmental, neutral and safe environment. In order to assist you fully, you will be sharing confidential private information – often information that you may not have shared with others, including a partner.

Confidentiality is determined and regulated by the individual and I will honor and respect an individuals request to keep any/all information private. However, for successful change and growth, there may be pertinent information that may need to be shared in order to assist with strengthening/building an individuals personal sense of self (locus of control) and/or their personal relationship with their partner(s). Therefore, please understand that this is not a violation of privacy, but rather an essential catalyst in providing both parties with clarity and honesty in what the individual may want for themselves and/or within their relationship but has yet been able to express fully on their own.

Individuals must specifically indicate if they do not want information shared and that request will be honored, but understand that by continuing to suppress specific thoughts, feelings and responses may not allow for self growth, personal changes or enrichment of relationships.