Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you will find information that will help you begin your journey of self-awareness, understanding and change.

My approach in assisting individuals with self-care, growth and direction utilizes my knowledge of the various fields of psychology and combines this with homeopathy, which differs from standard psychotherapy. As such, I offer individuals an alternative option in dealing with life/stress management that is based on homeopathic philosophy — that the mind and body work together. The focus is not solely on a) an individual’s deficits, b) the suggestion that individuals have a mental disorder, or c) that only current expressions or responses to thoughts, issues and concerns are of importance. Instead the focus is on the whole person: physical, emotional and psychological.

I offer guidance and education to help understand and identify stressors, to separate thoughts from worries and concerns, and help individuals become responsible for their personal thoughts and behaviors through acceptance, resolution and commitment.

I work with individuals, families and groups, as well as helping professionals, providing ongoing education through workshops and training. This approach addresses the many issues, concerns and diverse challenges that are present today and continue to be a source of stress and frustration.

I welcome everyone to a warm, accepting experience as we work together to meet your personal goals.